'THE PUNK' Merino Lambskin & Soft Wool MittOpen in new tab

  • Style: Wash mitt
  • Material: Supersoft Merino Lambskin & Long Irish Soft Wool
  • Wool Pile: 20mm / 75mm
  • Cuff: Elasticated Cotton cuff

Double sided wash mitt, featuring super-soft lambskin and extra long 3″ Irish Wool strands. The long side is perfect for holding water and clearing surface dust, or switch to the short side for more stubborn marks and final cleaning!

With a comfy elasticated cotton cuff.

Flexipads CP020

Our wash mitts should be used only with a PH neutral shampoo. After use rinse in clean warm water and allow to air dry. Do not machine wash.

Presented in our velcro sealed retail bag