Microfibre Towels

Microfiber Towels

Extremely soft and highly absorbent, microfiber towels are an essential for any body shop.

Size Description Reference
61 x 90cm Drying WHITE Super Plush Large Towel 40520
75 x 60cm Scratchless BLUE WONDER Drying Towel (Set of 2) 40525
40 x 40cm YELLOW & GREEN Buffing Towels (Set of 2) 40531
40 x 40cm Scratchless WHITE WONDER Buffing Towels (Set of 2) 40532
40 x 40cm Scratchless WHITE 1000gsm Buffing Towels (Set of 2) 40533
40 x 40cm Scratchless GREEN WONDER Polishing Towels (Set of 2) 40535
40 x 40cm Scratchless Glazing Towels (Set of 2) 40536

Glass Care Towels

Soft scratch-free towels designed for use on glass or perspex.

Size Description Reference
40 x 40cm Blue Ultra Fine Towel x 2 40529
40 x 40cm WHITE Super Silk Towel x 2 40540