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This kit is great for gently removing small spot imperfections on your finished work surface. The de-nibbing action is suitable for a wide range of finishes including paint, varnish, lacquers or stains.

For use with Electric Drill- Max RPM 2500 RPM

Kit contents:

4395 30mm De-nibbing block- Medium
4397 25 x 35mm P1500 De-nibbing abrasive
4398 25 x 35mm P2500 De-nibbing abrasive
LP125 250ml Zero Swirl Liquid Compound
48215 75mm (3”) GRIP Soft 6mm Spindle Pad
44418 3” BLACK Soft Polishing Spot Pad
40544 Nanotex – BLUE 320gsm

Flexipads SR200K
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