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Our X-SLIM Spot polishing kits have been expertly designed to tackle hard-to-reach areas. This kit combines our signature X-SLIM foams in a miniaturized form. Combine the included spot backer with the 80mm extension arm for added reach and flexibility.

With 40mm foams.

Kit contents:

XB100 30mm X-SLIM SPOT Backer
EX000 80mm Extension Arm
XS200 40mm White X-SLIM Heavy Cut foam (set of 3)
XS240 40mm Yellow X-SLIM Finishing foam (set of 3)
XS260 40mm Black X-SLIM Micro Fine Buffing foam (set of 3)
LP115 Fine Cut Liquid Compound (250ml)
40544 Nanotex – BLUE 320gsm

Flexipads XS010K
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