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Our X-SLIM polishing kits combine our entire range of low-profile X-SLIM polishing foams, and Liquid Shine compounds and a backing pad to provide you with a comprehensive detailing solution. This introductory kit allows you cover all steps of the detailing process from heavy compounding to glazing with ease

With 135mm foams and backer.

Kit contents:

XS500 5.5″ X-SLIM WHITE Heavy Cut foam
XS520 5.5″ X-SLIM ORANGE Medium Cut foam
XS540 5.5″ X-SLIM YELLOW Finishing foam
XS560 5.5″ X-SLIM Black Micro Fine Buffing foam
XS580 5.5″ X-SLIM IVORY Ultra Glaze foam
LP105 High Cut Liquid Compound (250ml)
LP115 Fine Cut Liquid Compound (250ml)
LP125 Zero Swirl Liquid Compound (250ml)
AP001 5″ Ultra Soft GRIP M14
40544 Nanotex – BLUE 320gsm

Flexipads XS020K
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