Quick Lock

“Quick Lock” accessories use a quick change fitting system for quick and safe changing between accessories like sanding discs, flap discs and polydiscs.

Our Quick Lock holders allow these accessories to be easily used with any spindle or M14 thread machine.

Please check you have the right type fitting before purchase.

in mm
Thread Lock Type Max RPM Reference
50 6mm Spindle Type P 30,600 13237
50 6mm Spindle Type R 30,600 13235
75 6mm Spindle Type P 20,125 13242
75 6mm Spindle Type R 20,125 13240
35 M14 x 2 Type R 30,600 13105
50 M14 x 2 Type R 30,600 13110
75 M14 x 2 Type R 20,125 13120

Quick Lock Pad

Ultra-durable Quick Lock backing pads for using GRIP and PSA abrasives.

in mm
Thread Lock Type Density Fitting Reference
32 Quick Lock Type R Soft PSA 13256
75 Quick Lock Type R Soft GRIP 13260


Our quick lock pads are compatible with Speed-Lok TR, Speed-Lok TP, Speed-Lok TS, Quick change TR, Quick change TP, Quick change TS, Power-lock Type I, Power-lock Type II, Power-lock Type III & Roloc TR, Roloc TP, Roloc TS.