GRIP Backing Pads and Accessories

Most of our backing and support pads for use with polishing foams, sanding abrasives and wool and microfibre accessories use a GRIP fixing to enable easy change between different or accessories. GRIP is a type of hook and loop fixing, where the GRIP pad uses tiny hooks to connect with a velour fixing on your abrasive or foam.

Under normal circumstances the stronger the adhesion between the hook and loop the shorter the GRIP’s life cycle will be, so we use a range of different GRIP types to ensure a secure fastening, while prolonging the lifespan of the pad.

Grip Technologies

Mushroom Grip

A standard GRIP fixing, mushroom hook offers a secure and fast way to change between any velour backed abrasive or foam. Has a particularly strong adhesion, with a medium lifespan.


J shaped looped hooks, with good ahesive strength and a longer lifespan.


Extremely short miniature hooks, with a low peel stregth making them easier to remove, but a higher shear-strength, keeping the abrasives firmly attached during use.

The flat smooth surface of micro-hook can also be used with PSA abrasives making these a multipurpose pad.


An elongated, toughened, T-shaped hook that embeds into the 3D mesh of non-woven abrasives and surface conditioning discs. Not compatible with the standard GRIP velour found on our foams and abrasive discs and our for use with SCD discs only.

Extragrip sanding pads

PSA – Pressure sensitive adhesive

This is an alternative to the GRIP hook and loop system, using a self-stick adhesive style fixing. PSA pads use a flat surface rather then hooks to be stuck to be a PSA abrasive.

Velour protection

In high-heat DA Sanding applications a velour protection layer can be used to absorb excessive heat and protect the DA’s Grip from damage. We have a range of velour protection discs for DA Sanders here.

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