6" DENIM Aggressive Orange Peel PadOpen in new tab

  • Pad Size: 150mm
  • Surface: Denim
  • Holes: None
  • Max RPM: 2,500

An aggressive pad used to remove upper level orange peel without sanding.

Best results when used with light pressure and low speed – we recommend a soft backing pad like our 10400 to help keep the pressure light.

Use of a paint gauge is recommended.

Flexipads DP600

Denim pads are designed to remove the orange peel without having to sand the paint, but are the equivalent strength of of using P2000 sandpaper. When in use these pads need to be used at a relatively low speed with a soft backing pad, with little to no pressure applied. Denim pads should not be allowed to dry out, and a good amount of liquid compound should be used to keep the product lubricated.

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