EVO+ foams

EVO+ foams have been specifically developed for use on automotive and industrial coatings and a variety of natural and composite materials such as wood, reinforced plastic, metal and carbon fibre.

The EVO+ range is available with either a waffle or straight cut surface.

Size Colour Description Reference
80mm CREAM Firm Compounding Pad GX300
80mm ORANGE Waffle Medium Compounding Pad GX310
80mm GREEN Firm Polishing GX315
80mm BLUE Medium Polishing Pad GX320
130mm CREAM Firm Compounding Pad GX500
130mm ORANGE Waffle Medium Compounding Pad GX510
130mm GREEN Firm Polishing GX515
130mm BLUE Medium Polishing Pad GX520
150mm CREAM Firm Compounding Pad GX600
150mm ORANGE Waffle Medium Compounding Pad GX610
150mm GREEN Firm Polishing GX615
150mm BLUE Medium Polishing Pad GX620


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