Handheld applicators, for compounding, polishing and waxing. Our standard foam pads can also be used hand held, with our hand pad holders.

Description Reference
Pro Applicators (Set of 2) 40800
ORANGE Firm Oval Euro Foam Hand Applicator 40815
Tri-Foam Oval Applicator Pad 40805
Soft BLACK Finishing Euro Foam Applicator 40860
Wax Applicator Pad CREAM (Set of 2) 93012
Detail BLUE Split Foam (Set of 2) 40840
PRO-Applicator Waffle Pucks (Set of 2) 40880
PRO-Applicator Waffle soft pads (Set of 2) 40881
Soft Edge Tri-Applicators (Set of 3) 40850
Soft Edge IVORY Applicators (Set of 2) 40855
Magic Sponge Pad (Set of 10) 40810
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