USA Foams

Manufactured from high quality American foam, these use an open-cell structure making them a little softer than the closed-cell alternatives. The open-cells also enable greater airflow through the pad, keeping the pad cool and prolonging lifespan.

Size Description Reference
100 MAROON S/Buff Cutting Spot Pad 44750
100 YELLOW S/Buff Polishing Spot Pad 44755
100 BLACK S/Buff Finishing Spot Pad 44760
165 Maroon ORIGINAL S/Buff Cutting Pad 44765
165 Yellow ORIGINAL S/Buff Polishing Pad 44770
165 Black ORIGINAL S/Buff Finishing Pad 44775
180 Maroon ULTIMATE GRIP S/Buff Cutting Pad 44780
180 Yellow ULTIMATE GRIP S/Buff Polishing Pad 44785
180 Black ULTIMATE GRIP S/Buff Finishing Pad 44790
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