X-SLIM spot pads

Super small pads perfect for spot repairs and tackling hard to reach areas:

  • Less waste and faster result:
    – Optimise worktime by polishing smaller surface
    – Cost effective by using less abrasive, compound and polish.
  • For use with Flexipads 32mm X-SLIMspot backer (XB100)
  • Thin design enhances user control, particularly on uneven and contoured surfaces
Size Colour Description Reference
32mm WHITE Heavy Cutting Pad XS100
32mm YELLOW Finishing Pad XS140
32mm BLACK Micro Fine Buffing Pad XS160
40mm WHITE Heavy Cutting Pad XS200
40mm YELLOW Finishing Pad XS240
40mm BLACK Micro Fine Buffing Pad XS260


X-SLIM pads

Extra slim 18mm high foams with angled sides and rounded sides to give a softer edge avoiding marks and swirls.

  • Long lasting
  • Greater control
  • Great finish
  • Suitable for DA or Rotary machines
Size Colour Description Reference
90mm WHITE Heavy Cutting Pad XS300
90mm ORANGE Medium Cutting Pad XS320
90mm YELLOW Finishing Pad XS340
90mm BLACK Micro Fine Buffing Pad XS360
90mm IVORY Ultra Glaze Pad XS380
135mm WHITE Heavy Cutting Pad XS500
135mm ORANGE Medium Cutting Pad XS520
135mm YELLOW Finishing Pad XS540
135mm BLACK Micro Fine Buffing Pad XS560
135mm IVORY Ultra Glaze Pad XS580
160mm WHITE Heavy Cutting Pad XS600
160mm ORANGE Medium Cutting Pad XS620
160mm YELLOW Finishing Pad XS640
160mm BLACK Micro Fine Buffing Pad XS660
160mm IVORY Ultra Glaze Pad XS680


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