Surface Preparation

Our long lasting clay style polymer surface insures quick and fantastic decontamination results. Ideal for removing paint over-spray, tree sap, industrial fallout, pollutants and other embedded contaminants from automotive paint, glass, mouldings and plastic.

This item must be used with a clay lubricant, not just water

Surface Prep Discs
Flexible discs for use with a DA machine or by hand.

Size Description Reference
80 3″ BLUE Fine Surface Preparation DA Disc CP300
135 5.5″ BLUE Fine Surface Preparation DA Disc CP550
150 6″ BLUE Fine Surface Preparation DA Disc CP600

Surface Prep Microfibre
A microfibre mitt with clay side for preparation and microfibre for easy rinsing.

in mm
Description Reference
220 x 150mm Clay Mitt with BLUE Microfibre CMFIN
Flexipads CP600 used to decontaminate a car.
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