Dust Nib & Abrasives

GRIP and PSA dust nibbing blocks
1.5″ solid blocks for spot repair, with a PSA and GRIP cap for use with any de-nibbing abrasive.

Specification Reference
30mm Soft Yellow De-nibbing block MK001
30mm Medium White De-nibbing block 04395
30mm Hard Black De-nibbing block MK002

Dust Nib Abrasives

35mm PSA and Velcro abrasive discs for use with any of our de-nibbing blocks.

Size Grit Specification Reference
35mm P1200 PSA 04396
35mm P1500 PSA 04397
35mm P2500 PSA 04398
35mm P3000 PSA 04399
35mm P2000 GRIP 04410
35mm P2500 GRIP 04415
35mm P3000 GRIP 04420
35mm P5000 GRIP 04440


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