Hand files

Our classic handle speed file is a large hand sander for clamped or grip 7cm x 40cm abrasives. With a solid auminium base and lightweight plastic handle, it offers the classic handle shape, great for sanding long edge surfaces or large flat sheets.

Description Specification Reference
Classic Handle Shape 70x400mm Speed File GRIP 12922

Our 30 x 195mm abrasives sheets are grip fixing and come in fine, medium and coarse strengths. Sold in sets of 5 or 100.

Description Specification Reference
Fine Abrasive x 5 P60 GRIP 56215
Medium Abrasive x 5 P120 GRIP 56220
Coarse Abrasive x 5 P180 GRIP 56225
Fine Abrasive x 100 P60 GRIP 57215
Medium Abrasive x 100 P120 GRIP 57220
Coarse Abrasive x 100 P180 GRIP 57225
Flexipads Speed File
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