Liquid Shine

The Liquid Shine compounds provide a complete process for a perfect paint finish. Use High Cut, and Fine Cut to remove marks and scratches, followed by Zero Swirl to buff to a high gloss finish.  Using the corresponding Liquid Shine foams you get the optimum density to work with the compound, getting the best result possible.

Size Description Reference
500ml Bottle High Cut LP100
12 x 500ml High Cut LP100C
500ml Bottle Fine Cut LP110
12 x 500ml Fine Cut LP110C
500ml Bottle Zero Swirl LP120
12 x 500ml Zero Swirl LP120C

Set of foams design for use with the Liquid Shine compounds.

Size Description Reference
150mm High Cut Foam AP005
150mm Fine Cut Foam AP015
150mm Zero Swirl Foam AP025

Liquid Shine Starter Kit

The complete starters kit with everything needed to start polishing: Liquid Shine compounds & foams, a backing pad, microfibre cloth and a protective spray suit.

Description Reference
Liquid Shine Starter Kit LP001
Flexipads LP001 Liquid Shine Kit
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